Windows Media Services Plugin

Windows Media Services Plugin
I am in need of someone that is extremely competent with Windows Media Services, and C#, C++, php, mysqul, or the framework.
I’ll let competent developers give me quotes. I will choose the one that looks the best.

Description: I need a Windows media server 2003/2008 32and64bit authentication Plugin which works with php script and mysql.
I must can host that script on multiple server, so basically i need user based security on mms /rtsp and http links (sample. rtsp://server/publishingpoint?u=username&p=password)
of streaming so user cannot steam my links only registered user can watch live stream. I do need full control on script to add user (name lastname addr…, users

connection,start and expiration. The pluging-script have to protect multiple conection of the same user and automatically deactivate the user account after expiration (account

status 0/1).

I need also a http form to add, remvoe, edit and list connected users from data base with manually enable/disable button to change status in the data base for individual user

account status 1 or 0 (on/off)

How it works:

* A user requests live stream:
Note that when a user requests a livestream, username and password are passed in the URL.
* Authentication plugin will check the username (sample: bob) and password (sample: secret). This happens in the background on the server side so the user does not even

notice anything.
To authenticate the user, the plugin will go to mysql data base you define in the configuration file to check the user and his account status.( the mysql and webserver

does not run on the same sever )
If in the user and password exitst, the user not connected and account satus are active then, the plugin will start the stream and set the connect status to 1

(multi connect protection of the same user)
* if the userer leaves/close the stream the plugin have to change the connect status to 0

* Otherwise, the user will not be able to play the stream.

After finish the project you have to deliver the wms plug-in with all associated scripts, detailed-comprehensible installation guide and complete sorce code.

PAYMENT: We will deposit 25% of the job in escrow using the escrow account system provided on this site. Another 10% after receiving the WMS plugin with the capability to

protect live streams. The Remaining balance will be paid after the final approved project is delivered, installed, approved and in FULL operation

Modifications reserved.

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