Design New Website With Cart

Design New Website With Cart
Our website is We are looking for someone to redesign the website to look more professional. We are open to suggestion, but want something classy, eyecatching, and professional to look at.

All text to stay the same as the existing website, all pricing etc to stay the same as well. Fon’ts etc can obviously be changed, and so can our logo at the top of the page. We would however like to keep the picture of the blonde haired girl as that is identified with our product.

We think the product colour selection, and product quantity selection part of the website could be better. Currently it looks a little confusing to customers. We will also be offing Credit Card payments on the website so need a payment gateway of some description. We currently use Mals ecommerce, but we are willing to change if need be.

We also need to be able to update the website ourselves easily as we often need to mark colours out of stock, or add new items etc, and we want to do this ourselves.

Another important factor is website optimization. We need the website set up to gain high rankings in Google, so someone with this knowlege would also be required.

If you are able to send a sample of what our homepage etc would look like so that we are able to narrow down our selection it would be much appreciated.


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