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Home Page Only
We are half way through writing a website but really need a base html template and css file to work from. I have attached a jpg and pdf file giving an overview of what we want the site to look like along with the current CSS file and HTML file.
We want to the site keep the same dimensions it has now but also need the following;
• functionality to add additional items on the navigation bar
• the navigation bar to reflect the current page the user is on (i.e. it is a different coloured dot next to the text in the navigation bar)
• add booking search engine to left hand side column with same font and feel as the rest of the site (html text for this is there already)
• split the header image so that the left hand side is the image (see attached) and the rhs is actually in text (same font and style though). If this is not advised please let me know.
• Have two image spaces below the booking window (same dimensions as the booking window) underneath (please use blank red colored images for now)
• CSS and HTML file generally cleaned up (please remove any bits we don’t need)
Have a links menu at the bottom of the page (use dummy links for now)
Along with this I’d also like some detailed (ish) notes on any complicated bits.
Attached are:
Current header image (and others)
Header image of palm only
Html file
CSS file
Please let me know if you have any questions.

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