WordPress Automation

WordPress Automation
I need someone to help automate this process:

I use WordPress. I use them to create many sites. I need a script that can improve or automate my process. Here’s what i do.

First I have WP-Hive as the main plugin used to manage my sites.
So I go into my “hub site” and go to wp-hive, add site, enter domain name, and then i install the site. The next screen i copy the password and then login with admin/whatever the password is.

Then i click the top link that brings me to the profile page so i can change my password.

2)Change the category to a broad term eg: brain tumor surgery might be brain tumor or tumor surgery

3)Delete the first post.

4)Change Tagline to All about (enter keyword).

5)Wp-Hive doesn’t create a new directory when it installs a site so next step would be to login ftp go to /wp-content/wp-hive/ then manually create a folder domain.com (whatever the domain that you are installing)

6.Copy paste a robot.txt file in each folder (for every site you are installing)

7. Activate all plugins (wp-hive should be activated already)

8. Akismet enter APi Key

9.Wp Plugin called Wp-Uniqify change the settings yes to uniquefy all posts, yes to unqiuefy all comments

10. Wp Robot- add the main keyword but broad example: 84showercurtain is keyword the keyword to add would be shower curtains , or debtratiocalulator might be debt ratio or debt calculator

11. Unselect Ebay Auctions, add keyword, set to post every 1 day.

12. Go into options for wp robot and enter all my information for Yahoo api, amazon api, flickr api so that they can pull content from those sites. Turn off yahoo answers powered shown on footer. Make it post random times in a day.

13. Go back to wp robot- Select the keyword – Type in 100 posts – Create posts

14. Go to media – add new files – add a picture file that i provide

15. Go to appearance – clickbump template options – Enter info on 2-3 boxes (will specify later), Add my adsense publisher code. Click box for add adsense to side link.

16.Go to custom image and copy the image link i give you corresponding to the picture you just added

17. enter copyright code followed by website url on the box that says custom footer code ,

18. Go into my google analytics to create a new website profile, copy tracking code and post in clickbump template options box that says hidden footer code

19. Edit page About us – Add 2 additional pages called contact us and privacy and copy paste what i give you. Change url to website url.

20. go to Xml Sitemaps Plugin options – Scroll down to bottom Select custom directory and set it to what i tell you to set

21. Update settings – Create sitemap manually – Go into ftp and check if directory has it

22. Go to settings – permalinks – click ok (it refreshes the plugin so robots shows up correctly.)

23. Go to Post – New post – click on the right side edit – public – sticky this post. Then post in an article i will provide. Click post.

24. Log in Google Sitemaps – Copy meta tag to where i show you (Appearance, editor, header.php and ill show you where to post it

24. Verify my site. Load it and see if it looks exactly like the example site that i can give you to check.

25. Once everything is running i need to go back to every site and edit the header so i can verify it to google, and submit my sitemap.

Takes me 15m per site to setup.

I need to hire someone a programmer who can code something to automate all if not most of this process. I think the closest thing i’ve found online was the WP Cloner.

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