Website Development Needed

Website Development Needed
We are looking for a FULL SERVICE website development. We have all the content for this site and will be managing upon completion so we MUST have an extremely admin user interface for applying new videos, pics, blogs, forums, and daily updates with new content. We would like to have the web developer to be around as a webmaster to help us if we need help after completion. This site will be forever evolving into a larger more versatile business and will be all across the world. A job done to perfection with excellent quality and communication will lead to a TON of work!!!! We have many projects in mind but NEED to find a RELIABLE and SMART worker that sees the BIG picture. Over time, when we begin making money, we will provide performance bonuses for job well done. Below are some of what we will need from the site. Like I said, we have all the content. A lot we will be adding over time but most will be added to start.

1. At the top of website: Find out what is really happening in the Hawaii Fight Scene. Enter information.

2. Our goal is to advertise All MMA School & Martial Arts Schools around the World, starting with Hawaii.

3. Listings of MMA Schools
– GPS school location
– post pictures
– post short video’s of schools and events
– school blog

4. MMA Fight Events in Hawaii
– X1 Events
– Up & Up
– Destiny
– Strickly Bangers
– Hawaii Cage Match
– BJ Penn doc. com….. and etc…..etc..
– Repeat same thing at different locations around the world –
Example: Las Vegas, Reno, San Diego, Washington, Japan, etc.
– Tickets Sold (place to purchase fight events) = through our website

5. MMA Fight Promoters Comments
– Pictures of Pre Fights = Weigh Ins.
– Video of fighter’s comments –
Example: What school their from, and who their fighting.
Interview of After fight: Video and photo.

6. Ring Girls photo

7. MMA History

8. Egan’s comments
– 1 page of views of MMA that leads to his website

9. Update what’s happening in your area
– Regulations

10. Find Journalist/Editorials to follow the MMA Scene.
– Black Hawaiian
– Other Areas: Las Vegas, Washington, Reno, etc.
– Have to track down HITS to the journalist blog.
– After they create a following, we can pay them.
– Example: Radio Host.
– Journalist/Editorial can post video’s which can possibly tie-in with pre-fight and after fight video’s.

11. Equipment Sales (Shopping Cart)
– Hawaiian Hybrid
– Hawaiian Fight Gear
– Fighter’s Corner
– Westside Fight Gear
– Adrenalin Concept

12. Follow your Favorite Hawaiian Fighter.
– Example BJ Penn
– Kendall “da Spyder” Grove
– Andy Wang (San Diego, Taiwan China)
– Eddie Yagin (Las Vegas)
– KJ Noons (San Diego)
– Jon Perez (Las Vegas)
– Chris Leben

13. Vote on Fight of the Month (Win Prize)
– Vote Fighter of the Month (Win Prize)

14. Accomodations
– Hotels / Hostels / B & B
– Transportations: Rental Cars / Taxi/ Bus
– Airlines
– Restaurants
– Shopping Malls
– Hospital / Clinics
– Chiropractors/ Masseuse / Herbalist/ Fitness Centers
– Vitamin Shops
– Realtor (Rooms for Rent)
* Tracking Hits on each section above for sales

15. Activities: Things to do in Hawaii
– Surfing
– Surf locations, pictures and video’s
– Fishing
– Hunting
– Camping
– Concerts
Example: Blaisdells – Big Events (Elton John)
– Small Events
– Night Clubs / Bars
– Extreme Adventures (Shark Tours)
– Diving (Padi Dive Shop)
– Sky Diving / Zip Line
– Tatoo Shop
– Water Tunnel Tours
– Boat Cruise

16. Jobs
– 2 Categories: Hiring and Looking
– Martial Arts
– Surfing
– Diving, etc…

Please have excellent portfolio and excellent feedback, too!

You must be a good communicator and follow through.

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