Graphic Design Sailboat

Graphic Design Sailboat
Several graphic views of a small sailboat are required for input into a game we are developing. See attached files for quick sketch views.

Boom position.jpg: (1) a top down view of a small sailboat with the boom on a different layer so that it can move and swing in the game. (2) On the right hand side is a series of buttons which will depict the boom position. The buttons will be a different color when activated. (3) Wwater surface beneath the boat

Main window.jpg: This depicts what a sailor would actually see with their eyes when sitting on the boat (1) A horizon with hills and sky and water – two horizons should be supplied(2) A view of the other side of inside the sailboat (3) Thier own feet (4) Their own hand attached to the tiller (the wood stock that turns the boat) (5) a slider scale from 3 to -3 with a slider indicator.

Course.jpg: This depicts the sailing course (1) The buoys and the course (2) a tiny sailboat on the course

All graphics should be done in illustrator and supplied with different layers since in the game the layers will be moving.

The game is aimed at kids so the graphic look and feel should be slightly comic book style.

The aspect ratio should be 2/3 ie 1.5 time wider than height.

I’m looking to have it completed in about 1 week. Please supply similar type graphics you have done when you bid – thanks.

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