Penny Auction Web Site

Penny Auction Web Site
I would like to create a Penny Auction website/software like BIDFUN.COM, HAGGLE.COM OR SWOOPO.COM

I would like and prefer the layout to be identical to “BIDFUN.COM” with a Las Vegas style look and feel, Complete with CMS (Content Management System) and checkout. I will need exclusive access to manage the site, change colors and graphics and layouts and add photos and downloads at my discretion. It needs to have a secure platform for members to register so their information is secure an safe. Only interested in USA members at this time. It must be able to incorporate a google shoping cart or a paypal shoping cart or somthing very simular.

I “MAY” also like it to have some of the following additional features…

1. Single bidders are to be kept separate from Auto Bidders. Single bidders will compete only with single bidders, and Auto bidders will only compete with auto bidders. Example only: We will list two of the same item for sale, one for single bidders and one for auto bidders so that both types of bidders will have the same opportunity to bid on the same item.

2. I would also like a “BUY IT NOW” Store where people can browse, and can use the same shopping cart checkout for their purchases that all winning bidders use.

3. I would also like a “PRIVATE LISTINGS” section to be created, so that our REGISTERED USERS are able to list their own merchandise for sale in exactly the same way the auction site owners list their merchandise. All private listing users will be charged a nominal amount to post their merchandise.

For security purposes, all funds generated from private listings, must be first processed, received and held by the auction site until the purchaser of the privately listed merchandise receives their purchase. Once the sale is finalized then the auction will distribute the funds from the sale to the seller.

Please take a look at BIDFUN.COM to see what we are looking for. We look forward to your bids.

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