School Website In Joomla Cms

School Website In Joomla Cms
Currently seeking someone to assist in creation of our Joomla site for our School. We have dedicated server with Joomla 1.5 installed and functioning already. We have already selected and installed a template. Our time frame for completion is forcing us to look outside for additional assistance in completing the project.


As it stands today here is a listing of the featureset for the site:

Public Area:

General information about the school, ptf, gala and events along with any information we would want to list about community sponsors and the like. Also, will have contact information and can also provide download links for any documents or other information the school would like to have listed for prospective parents/students. Also , an area where we can solicit community donations.

Private Registered user area:

Messages from the Administration
Calendar for the school
Lunch Calendar
Special notices or messages
Email Newsletter signup and delivery plus archives of old newsletters
Photo Gallery

Classroom Pages also in private area:

Each secure classroom page will feature:
Messages from the teacher. Each will allow registered users to comment back to the teacher via a private form. These areas can be used in a blog like fashion and can hold text, pictures or anything else the teacher might create and elect to post.
Teacher Bio
Email form to teacher
Photo Gallery for class only
Document Repository for class only
Class Calendar seperate from entire school calendar or selectable for what to show on the calendar.
Class mailing list

Room Parent Area
Message area For room parents to communicate, share ideas
doc repository
Photo gallery
Calendar with signup feature and if possible payment processing of some sort for collecting party fees etc.

Administration pages:

Will allow restricted access to certain areas of the site for authoring, editing and removal of site content for teachers, Administration and Webmaster based on their access level.

Parents: View only and comment on posts, signup for newsletters, donate or volunteer for room parent projects.

Teachers: Author, upload docs, pics etc., send newsletters, manage calendar etc for their class only.

Administration: Author, edit and manage all pages from the front end. Point of approval for anything posted outside the classroom and the ability to change or remove anything within the classroom. Control all mailing lists, post to the frontpage of the site, add to lunch and primary calendars etc.

Registration and User Management pages:
Allow the users to signup and manage their information.

I will purchase and provide any needed components/extensions required to complete the project.

WE NEED IMMEDIATE TURNAROUND ON THIS!!! If you have done something like this in the past and have user documentation/help files that is IDEAL!!!

Thanks in advance

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