Flash Intro & Site Template

Flash Intro & Site Template
I need a flash intro that looks like a movie trailer and psd files to make an html template to match the flash intro.

Here is our logo and colors:


The flash into needs to convey the message that we can do product creation and custom manufacturing from start to finish.

I need rapid and heavy drum beats in the background.

I want the flash intro to clearly show that we can take an idea (even if it’s some scribbles on a napkin) to concept, design, model, custom manufacturing.. We make it easy! Then on final heavy drum beat it lands on our logo and fades in the words “We make you and your ideas look good” then fade into html website with matching look.

I want it like a movie trailer

3…2…1..VOX! play movie as described above, perhaps flash logos of people we have done work for then lands on logo at the end.

The new website needs to be visually stimulating. Not much text and needs alot of photographs. I just need a template for the site and will do all of the images and coding. I also need the flash intro.

The site will be modeled after this site: http://www.autobuffs.net but using our logo and colors: http://voxpromotions.com/

I want to see samples of other flash intro’s you have made.

Here are some flash intros I like but they do not match our company.



If I had to put words to the script of the flash it would be like this:

(like movie count down) 3….2….1….VOX
Your ideas
into reality
if you can think it
we can manufacture it
it’s easy
idea…concept….design….model….custom manufacturing
We take care of everything
(rapid flash of client logos)
We make your stuff look good…. Real good!
(transition into website)

I want to see samples of other flash intros you have made. Our logos are attached.

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