Flash Cms With Video Completio

Flash Cms With Video Completio
I have a flash site with incomplete CMS.
There are three sections:
1. There are randomn placed message boxes with links upon mouse over and clicking. a. Mouse over shows simple text and a banner ad. b. Clicking shows Video player link(with sourcing from youtube links),Fixed Banner ads within otherwise a simple text box.

2. Is similar to 1 except has just 3 fixed links rather than unlimited random as in in point1.

3. Is a simple Hyperlink directory.

So there is some simple stuff to complete , the most challenging is the the video player placement providing youtube link. I preferably do not want to be storing video as my current service doesn’t provide video. If I absolutely must then I will consider changing servers.

I have files from incompleted work of CMS that I thought was coming along reasonably well although I understand if you’d rather start from scratch.

To see the site (minus the video/banner features etc yet to be created) truthcity.com

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