Dentist Webdesign

Dentist Webdesign
i have a dentist that we are building a Content management software for. Im looking for someone who can provide me creative weblayouts for the sDentist.

the process is as follows

– i need 3 layouts for this website. the different layouts.. must be different from each other and not just color differences.

– initially it must be just JPG files. On selection of the chosen layout. it must be converted into proper htmls.. so from 3 JPG layouts, it will become 1 final htmls layouts.

– to ensure quality of work .. i need to see 1 JPG layout immediately , so that we are on the right track.

please note im looking for great work, and not some templates from the net and not some childish designs. the person who does this well , will get all our future web design projects.

you will be provided with the resource photos from this dentist.

im looking at immediate delivery of this project

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