Data Entry – 1200 Phone N ( 3

Data Entry – 1200 Phone N ( 3

I have 1200 names, and need you to look up their phone numbers in an online phone directory.

It should take about 10 seconds per record, depending on your internet connection speed.

Roughly 300 records can be found in 60 min.

I will give you the website where you can copy and paste the customer details and then see their phone numbers.

i will also give you a PDF document with a list of their last names, first names and postcodes.

All you have to do is:

copy their last name, paste into the website input box for “last name”.

Tab to next box (“initial” box), type first letter of first name.

Copy and paste their postcode into “postcode” box on the website.

Click submit.

the website will then show their phone number

can you put them into a spreadsheet for me – first name, last name, suburb (included in PDF), postcode, phone number.

I need these phone numbers within a few hours.

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