Two Page Layout 2

Two Page Layout 2
Got a simple job.
I want to get an image similar to onto my developer link on my website. I have cloned and added a few files like searchlisting01.php and others. The reason I added these files is I want the developer interface working with it*s own design. I have already started the design. You can already see the design taking shape. I have also added a interface **SHOW** to the admin panel under new_property_form.html.php and property_form.html.php and modified the property.php and property_class.php… basically this is to ensure **SHOW** and **SALE** can have a different layout and are not mistaken. The *SHOW* is to show developements. Some modifications to the database and the above noted files and more files would need to be done. Some of this job has been already done.. just need someone to finish up for me.

I will need some new database items added similar to to appear on the developer link. Pictures onto this interface seem to load without problems but another picture interface may be necessary in order to modify the size of pictures appearing. This is a easy clone job. Would be nice to have google maps, like redkey.. also the ability to have an external link to another site… Mysql database.. PHP

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