Sms And Php Work

Sms And Php Work
We have a running site for mobile users. We need some update in our existing website:

1. I need the TEXT ME bubble on front page, when clicked will take to a page where they there is HTML, the user enters his cell number and ” GENERATE ” then HTML with his cell number is generated, he can paste this code on a site and will show as a button, when clicked will open a window and allow his visitors to text him without knowing his cell number. or if it can work on facebook.

2. we need one image upload script to be integrated with the site. you can see ex at , it is a basic image upload script .

3. similar to TEXT ME button page , i need that webmasters put a code on their websites , so at their articles , blogs , websites they allow their readers to share the articles with other users, like stumbled on. And when clicked, the script (the html button) will open and will auto-populate the message with link to that page. Then the user puts his friend mobile and send him sms with that link. Also here like TEXT ME, they will get a code from our site to put on their blogs or websites.

4. For the SMS script, it is already working on, we need to limit abuse of this script. so we need to allow users to send a certain number of SMS daily. This number we will set it in the admin. We can offer them to buy credits if they need more SMS sending. We can use PayPal to accept payments.

5. For MP3 Search Results, we will be using script.

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