Magento Store Build 2

Magento Store Build 2
Squash Design Redesign

Squash Design is a clothing company – focusing on squash players. Selling clothing is a very tactile and emotional decision, so selling clothing online is a big challenge. We must design a site that address this challenge.

Things to consider in the design:

1. The design elements should speak towards the liveliness of the line and brand. We do not want stale – static design. Please do not use out of the box templates.

2. We will have s small line – but the line will be constantly (every
3 months) changing with new products

3. We have several world class players – they must be showcased throughout the site. We have a photographer who will be providing high quality images of our players in events

4. We also like to show normal average people (our squash community) members in the apparel – playing

5. We support events through the year – this must be captured and updated easily.

6. Tons of photos, video – this needs to be easy to update

7. For your reference- current site is

We are asking for your design/creativity.

1. The base build will be a clone of As a base EVERYTHING in here will be in scope – with some addition, or minor modifications.

2. Homepage – please price out including a flash home page similar to We have independent bids separate for this – please make sure you create the placeholder for this.

3. Menu should js like lodger page. If we change items – it should be easy to modify this menu. Please note the tabs in the menu.

4. Departments ( – note image and mouse over change. This has to be dynamic build as we add and remove items. Each department should have its own page

5. Our department (Roughly speaking)

6. Item page (; note the following
o Mouse over on the picture to show alternative views
o New images when color selected
o Three tabs – (overview, how to wear it, what comes with it)
 We ike this one as well ( – 5 tabs; but companion product is one of the tabs
o Breadcrumb on top
o Companion Products with mouse) over
o Wishlist

7. SquashDesign Blog – we currently use wordpress – but are willing to move to anything – should have a non-basic layout; the header should match our general layout – seem seamless.

8. At eheck out – have recommended products based on shopping cart content (see cart) – with pop up window to add products.

9. True working 1 page checkout – please price this optionally

10. Other pages at a minimum will include give us options here some basic vs something creative:
o These are important pages – prefer something creative
 Player page: We sponsor a number of top players – we need a page to showcase the player
• May have light flash element (example from Technifibre: –
• Photo gallery – we will have many pictures – with more coming with time
 Events – we sponsor many events through the year – would like to have this capture
• Blog entry ?
• Photos from the event
 SquashDesign Blog – regarding the company
o From the current site: ( we will supply the content – the design team supply the layout)
• About Us ( We like the WHOLE section about the Lodger experience ( – including overview, etc (our sections will be different)
• Photo History (maybe this can be included above)
• Logo Evolution (maybe this can be included above)
• Past Collections (maybe this can be included above)
• Sponsorship Inquiry
• Shipping
• Returns/Exchanges
• Contact Us
• Privacy Policy
• Terms Of Use
• Site Map

11. Please sign into lodgerfootwear (create ian account). All functionality shall be cloned here as well

12. All correspondence templates (email, invoice etc) will ‘ modified

13. Optional Section (Price wit and without this selection)
o We would like a section that is only available to a certain log in type (like wholesaler) – and a section will appear similair to ([]=115) – but does not include any details to uploading art.
 Select Color
 Quantity per size is selected
 Pricing is calculated based on
• Number of shirts
• Number of total colors
• Number of Print placements

14. Additional requirement
o Images and content will be ready in the future – please use stock content to demonstrate functionality
o Any 3rd party template, flash, plugin etc – that are commercial must be approved before use
o No clip art
o All content must be Magento compliant – not a hack – and designed in such a way that may be extended seamlessly (this includes but not limited to – new products, categories, sub-categories)
o All work will be owned by SquashDesign
o We currently have a test magento site for testing.
o We prefer work is done on a local server with interim builds loaded to extremesquash

15. Biding Requirements
o Bid with a Dollar Estimate and Timeline
o Supply proposed project plan (a least a general plan) and milestones

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