Wholesale Add On

Wholesale Add On
I have a webite – www.fashionablecrazes.com writen with php that has a shopping cart for retail business. I now want to expand to wholesale too. I, therefore, would like the follow added to my site.

1) Add a new login for wholesale customers. so only they can see the wholesale prices.
2) The wholesale prices should appear next to the retail price on each item, also with the pack size. Add a log in button to see prices
In admin-
3) In Categories/Products,(new product) please add the option to add the information for wholesale prices, minimum quantity and pack size for each item.
3a) The quantity ordered should not be deducted from the stock quantity. When they get to check out they should confirm order, and then go to a page where it says “your order will be processed. We will email you an invoice in due course.”
4) Payments should be via the modules that are on the site now.
5) Please make new menu whole customers, (like customers) for wholesale customers. In this menu I would like the same as customers – customer list, orders, referrals & export.
5a) In customers, orders, it should look like the order page like now.
6) Under reports, full order list for wholesale sales, products purchased wholesale,
7) Add to Tools menu, send email & newsletter a new option to send to only wholesale customers. There is already option to sent to customers or newsletter subscribers.
8) In edit pages, add another page Wholesale that should appear on the top right-hand corner with other info pages.
9) Add in Configuration, wholesale customer details, with options like the customer details now.
10) When a wholesale customer registers he should be listed in a wholesale customers list. they could use the same log in form but then add a check box next to company details for wholesale customer
11) Add to localisation, orders status, awaiting payment confirmation, the payment links that I have accepted in module, payments.

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