Fully Featured Website Project

Fully Featured Website Project
I need a company that will understand my needs and execute the program requirements to a tee! This is very important to me.
I will post general details as to what I need However I will require a Project agreement and non disclosure agreement.
What I need in general terms is a company highly skilled in PHP, MYSQL, Streaming FLASH. This project is adult cam related. If uncomfortable do not offer your assistance.
I will be splitting the project up between a few companies and will need the components to intergrate as per my requirements.
Some of the project requirements that i will need:
1. Set up of a modular flash cam room that can be used across multiple domains accessing 1 database and using 1 FMS.
2. Setting up an admin area that will manage all modules, models, customers, affiliates.. etc..
3. Setting up an easy installer app that will allow for affiliates to install on their own domain as if it were their own site.
4. Modular use of features where i can choose like wordpress what will display where..
5. The artwork needs to be templateable so that I can easily change the layout and design easily through an admin.

And many other things.. Let me know if this is something that you can handle. My budget is limited and I will pay as each module is completed, until entire site is built.

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