New Concept Script Site Design

New Concept Script Site Design
We have an urgent need for a script and website design from scratch. We have the plans ready for a designer and script person that can do it.

This is a unique concept that will have the USA talking soon and we need a programmer that is ready to jump on something that is going to be huge this year. Wouldn’t you have like to have been the programmer that designed the eBay or Myspace script first? This is a never before designed new business concept that is looking for the right programmer to design it.

We have everything planned out. We can only show the plans to programmers that can design in our budget rate $200 – $400, because most of the budget will be spent on advertising the site. The script is not as complex as eBay or Myspace and involves a user section and an admin interface. No e-commerce is needed. We will explain in the specifications. PRE-PAID AND 100% ESCROW MADE TO BEST PROGRAMMER.

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