Auctions Godaddy

Auctions Godaddy

I am looking for someone to code me up a script. This script will require that you grab all the domains from the auctions and place into MYSQL database. After all have been stored, I want to be able to run a PageRank check on all domains(proxy rotation), count indexed pages in google(proxy rotation), check backlinks with rotation), and domain age with rotation). I also want all the DOMAIN CHECKS coded so my server will NOT be RATED AT ALL! Of course save all information to database with related domain. I want all the domains purged from the database when the auction ends. Last but not least, I want to be able to use the same functions as described above… but I want it ONLY for the MOST ACTIVE auctions. want to see FULLY FUNCTIONALLY demo before purchase. Please remember when placing your BID you must enter in “READ&READY” in your bid or reply otherwise you WILL BE IGNORED!


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