Online Purchase Order

Online Purchase Order
I have a client who want what seems like something between a shopping cart and purchase order. She wants to have about 6 items for now, with the user able to order specific quantities of each item, then gather everything with order total calculation, etc. (like a shopping cart) but when the order is complete, for a purchase order to be generated and emailed to my client and perhaps also to the user, rather than having the going to check-out for payment right away. The order would be emailed to my client, who would manually confirm the order and send an invoice due via PayPal (because it’s what she has).

Also, part 2 would be an account sign up for the user so they can log in later to check on status of order and order history.

I would like to set up a basic layout in html, then have someone code it to work as described above.

Any ideas on how to do it and how much it would cost to set it up?

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