Fmyscript : Blog Addon

Fmyscript : Blog Addon
I am looking for a programmer to add a blog to the fmyscript script that i am using on my website.

the blog should have these features.
1. comment system
2. ability to post pictures and embed videos.
3. categories
4. admins to be able to post on the blog through the admin panel

Design of each blog post:
I would like the profile picture of the admin posting on the blog to be on the left hand top side of the blog post
then the text to be in the margins right of that. also in that margin the title, author, and date written, and just on the bottom a link to comment that says leave a comment.
perty much i want it to look exactly like this for blog posts:

thank you very much. i have seen other projects just like this posted so please bid

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