Magento Store Rss Feed

Magento Store Rss Feed
I have an ecommerce magento store that is stored in my ftp folder but currently is not active. Right now, all we have active is a landing page that is not integrated or connected to our magento store in any way.

We have a number of steps we want to complete to monetize or store which I will explain below.

1. We need to have the landing page integrated with the magento store so that when someone opts into the landing page they are re-directed to the store. They will need to be directed to a page based on the keyword they used to find the ad that brought them to the landing page in the first place, so that it is relevant to their search. We would also like for the landing page slightly adjusted to allow space for banner ads on it to serve and help minimize advertising cost.

2. We would also like to have a feed set up to display the prices of two competitors along with our price of each of the products we carry in our magento store. We would use affiliate links for them to click on the competitor products which would redirect to the competitor site through our affiliate link. So in our store there will be three options for each product: our price; competitor 1 price; and competitor 2 price. If they click on our product they will be sent to our checkout page. If they click on one of the competitor products they will be redirected, through our affiliate link, to the competitor product page.

3. Finally, we would need to ad some banner space and adsense space throughout our product pages in order to maximize revenues.

It might help to explain our goals… we are not all that concerned with selling the products ourselves. We are in a highly competitive market and as such, we want to use our competitors market share to our advantage rather than trying to compete with them directly. It will be sort of the Progressive Car Insurance model of our industry.

I will set up a screen flow presentation upon acceptance of the product to be sure we are on the same page. Thanks for your consideration.

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