Xcart Module Work 2

Xcart Module Work 2
I need an xcart solution. I may need a custom xcart module made. I’m willing to pay $150-200 for this. I must be done in 7 days or less.

Basically I’m working with a client who uses xcart. The programmer they use has never used xcart so he is struggling.

Here is there issue AND NOTES:

Got shipping options already but not really good value for money for rates
Only have a couple of couriers at the moment

Current Solution:

Fixed prices for shipping, not using weights?

Proposed Solution:

Under 1k… 3 shipping options (One carrier, and a few others – see “Task ID 84” in estimated tasks at the moment)
Over 1k… 1 option (because they have a good rate with APC)

God all the weights in system but they are right being used.

New rates need putting in for under and over 1k in Jan (interrim solution)

Overseas is a flat fixed charge. Need to have a system for best prices overseas… so can use parcelbroker.

*Ideal solution however with the carrier. Account with this will go off to different companies and pull out the cheapest solution.

One solution may be Maybe to create a custom xcart module.

YOUR TASK will be to find a solution for this.

but essentialy what happens is a customer goes to order… and based on the products details (weight, height etc) they send that off to parcely broker (xml?) (maybe this http://www.parcelXXXXXXbroker.co.uk/test/lookup.php) Remove the XXXXXXX
(which he showed us in the presentation)

then… the carrier send back information (xml again?) with the options for postage they automatically find the best rates for you for interntional orders now the intention i believe at the moment is to do this for international orders only at the moment (because kicksport signed a contract for 3 months with a uk provider) but…. i think the plan would be to have uk prices showing too so that there was an opion at least to customers i need to confirm that

if you go to http://www.parcelXXXXXbroker.co.uk/ Remove the XXXXXXX you can put in a load of test dimensions and hit “get my quote” thats the sort of thing we’re after this this xml feed needs to be represented visually in the xcart page

the weights should be stored in xcart

Boxing Algorithm to Calculate How Many Boxes are Required

there was some decision to be made about “BOXES” there is a calculation that needs to happen on our side that works out what happens for multiple orders appparently there is a sort of algorithm we can work out that helps us do this from the carrier
can help here but you will need to action/understand whats going on

so the idea is if a customer order 20 belts it can probaly go into one box all good but if they order 50 head guards itll need more – obviously based on the units size

so our end, there may need to be a calculation that works this out

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