Google Street View Site

Google Street View Site
Hey there I’m looking for someone to design a website for me kind of using all the functions of google streetview API. Sort of like vpike dot com I am to bust to try and figure it all out right now and want the site launched ASAP
Here is a link to the api details. I can program but I don’t do websites to good, it really doesn’t look to hard..

What I want it to do. ALL using google tools I assume it should be done in php??? But let me know.

1) Type in an address it pulls um the street cam, (the api already does this you just need to pass the variables of the address.
2) Driving directions
3) An added way for me to easily add hard coded locations.
4) Let me know what other cool things can be done with the API, this can be an add-on price.

Do I hear 1 dollar??? No just kiddin let me know your ideas. Thanks

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