Complete Website

Complete Website
Basically I have hired 4 programmers through scriptlance who guaranteed me they can complete my project and within the time space needed. They all dropped out and left me hanging. This project is very far behind and I cannot stress the urgency of it enough!

I am not looking for one programmer to complete this project. I need a team of programmers who work together and can complete this project in a maximum of 4 days.

If you THINK you could complete this project then you are NOT the one I need for this. I need people who KNOW they can do it – and in a timely manner too.

So basically most of the work has been done for this website already.

There are a few aspects of the website that need to be completed. Once these aspects are completed then I will go over the whole site and come up with a list of minor changes which will also need to be completed.

It is similar to a social networking site and the main functions and DB’s etc are all complete. The only things that are still needed to be done are as follows:

– Latest Gallery
– Video
– Main Webmaster Admin Panel
– Podcast
– Notifications
– Blog
– One of the types of users Admin Panel
– Events
– Then install the payment gateways.

So if you are a team of professional programmers who have lots of experience and can complete projects quickly then please message me for a link to the site and some more information, so you can get a better idea of what is needed.

I cannot STRESS how urgent this project is.

If you don’t have what it takes then please don’t even think about bidding.

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