Build Includes Admin For Sites

Build Includes Admin For Sites
I had this built for me before for $50, but I need a new one built to work with PHP5-6 and MySQL 5.1 and MySQLi. I know this is an easy job if you are familiar with building small admins or cms admins, but I need to know you are familiar with how includes and snippits of code work for building templates etc..

I currently use includes for content like header.php that has the header code in it and the include id in the template like this to update and build my sites and want it more functional so I need someone to design me an all new includes code admin, here is what the code looks like in a template, and the main_header.php has the full code of the header:

<?php include(“/home/user/extensionsinc/main_header.php”); ?>

The problem with this is that I have to edit all the include files in extensionsinc using ftp and it still takes a lot of time since I am unable to view all the code include files at once for that site and make all the required changes.

1. I need an web browser installable includes admin built that I can add to my websites that are all php templates. I need to be able to install it using the browser and do a small setup like adding the database and user etc so I can install it on all my websites. I need to install the includes admin to read below public root level or public_html level so I need to install the website url when installing allow me to use home/username/theinclude_file_name/public_html base url so files can be saved home/username/theinclude_file_name/

2. I need to have the ability to create include folders in the admin by clicking add include folder, add the name of the folder and the url where I want it to go like home/username/ or home/username/public_html etc, this is where the includes will places when added because I want to select which folder to put them in. I need to be able to add, delete folders and edit the folder names and it edit all the includes going into it to refrence the new name if changed. Again, I need to be able to add these folders below public root if selected or have the option to add a folder on another domain with the login credentials. This will be a choice when adding the includes or selection database later when selection where I want to add that include #5

3. I need the includes admin to have a secure login area

4. I need to be able to add sections to the admin so when adding an include, I can choose the section to put it in for example Header section so I can select this section later. I need to be able to edit the section name but not allow it to be deleted unless there is no includes under it. We will create a “Header” section in this example

5. I need it to have an includes area and be able to select what type of include I want to add, like file extension, php “above example”, html, txt, jsp, inc, asp, etc, then select which section I previously created to add the include in like Header, then paste in the include code like a full header meta code or any other code like google, jsp, php, html, inc, body content code google banner code etc, and below that, I need to be able to select the folder created in #2 and then select the section I added in #4 and then click save…. At this point, It should show me an include code to paste into my template for that include like the above code if I named the include Main Header <?php include(“/home/user/extensionsinc/main_header.php”); ?> or if a url was used with login credentials when creating an include folder #3, it will look like this on the generated include code <?php include(“”); ?> or if no file and url is chosen, but the database is chosen use an MySQL or MySQLi include like <?php $_GET[‘inc_id’] = 13; include(“includesadmin/include.php”); ?> or whatever it takes to call a names include and a names section from a database.

The whole point to this is to keep my code in one admin for all my sites and when clicking on a section, I should be able to see all code at one time in boxes and either do a single update or a mass update before saving if the code or content is modified, almost like a cms that uses snippits for templates and content but that is the only part I need. Please make the gui on the admin colorful so it can be easily viewed and easy to find functions

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