Ci Summer School Registratio 2

Ci Summer School Registratio 2
A CI website that allows parents to register, and log in. They need to be able to register their child or chidren if more than one. (if that is a problem, we have them make one account per child)

Next, they need to be able to browse the possible classes avaiable to them, ONLY showing them ones that the age of their child is eleable for.

There needs to be some sort of cart function, where they can hold all the classes they want to register for, and then pay with paypal. I already have a paypal account all setup, and was working with zencart.

Confirmation emails need to go to the parents, and to me/administration.

There also needs to be an Admin section where admins like me can view the parents/children registered, what classes they are registered in, and have the ability to update/edit/ and create classes / users.

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