Multi Level Marketing System

Multi Level Marketing System
The system is a total solution for a new MLM company selling health products. The system is a binary compensation system and the developer must be experienced in MLM systems. System look and feel must be customizable but must include one layout for both frontend and backend system.

Feel free to post questions if something is unclear.

Software system details:

1. Administrator

1.1 Skins control. Must be able to site template.

Main site has to be editable, both custom pages and site content. Menu has to be configure-able.

1.2 Users Management

Ability to create administrators,
editors (for news and content),
shipping users (those who create the slips and handle mail)
billing users,

1.2.1 Security Roles Management

1.3 Full language support for frontend (language files)

Ability to customise the frontend (main site, distributor’s site, customer’s site) with online language files editor.

1.4 Site Usage analysis

Most visited
Most viewed

(Can be connected to an existing free system.)

1.5 Error and Action Log

1.6 Binary compensation plan

Standard binary compensation plan plus:

1 Direct Sales
2 Top Retailers Bonus
3 Bulk Order Bonus
4 First Order Bonus
5 Star Maker Bonus
6 Team Bonuses
7 Executive Bonus
8 Leadership Bonus
9 Multiple Business Centers

1.6.1 Setting up and updating the compensation plan

1.6.2 Downline Management

1.6.3 Setup bonus and commission processing

1.7 Set up payment gateway integration

System must offer the ability to pay via paypal, moneybookers and

1.8 Tracking Company Efficiency

1.8.1 Management of news and newsletters (can be sent to distributors, customers, all, etc.)

Ability to edit and modify newsletters in WYSIWYG editor, with images, as HTML and plain text.

News can be posted on the customer/distributor public webshop and/or on the internal system (when user/distributor logs in to his/her system).

1.8.2 Search/add/edit/activate/inactivate distributors

1.8.3 Manage distributors’ personal orders

1.8.4 Manage distributors’ customers

1.8.5 Analyze statistics and create reports

1.8.6 Manage AutoShip

1.9 Distributor Support

1.9.1 Database of introduction material (files (pdf, word, etc) ) (that will be accessible in the distributor site)

Ability to upload/edit/delete files that are accessible to distributors and/or customers (selectable)

1.9.2 Create sign-up URL’s for distributors

Create sign-up URLs to paste on websites or in emails
Create banners with code that leads to the sign-up page for a certain distributor.

1.10 Customer Management

1.10.1 View customer information and order history

1.10.2 Search/Add/Edit/Activate/Inactivate and Delete Customers

1.10.3 Ability to find customers that need a push (aren’t selling for x period of time)

1.10.4 Manage customers personal orders

1.10.5 Customers AutoShip Management

1.10.6 Manage trouble tickets and wish list with customer

1.10.7 Ability to see a graphical tree view of customer’s downline (customizable tree depth)

1.11 Order Management

1.11.1 Search/add/save/post/un-post/edit and delete orders

1.11.2 Manage recurring orders and payments

1.11.3 Automate generation of the detailed invoice, including calculation of the shipping charge and calculation of sales tax

1.12 Billing Management

1.12.1 Manage promotion and Affiliate codes

Promotion codes can result in lower price, free products, etc.
Affiliate code leads the user to a sign-up page under a certain distributor.

1.12.2 Correct order

1.12.3 Make payment by order

1.12.4 View payment history

1.12.5 Cancel subscription

1.13 Inventory Management

1.13.1 Search/add/edit and delete product items

1.13.2 Set up detailed product item information (including shipping details, payment model, number of items available, etc.) Define if product is shown on all distributor websites or can be disabled from distributor’s control panel.

1.13.3 Upload product pictures and descriptions

1.13.4 Build kits

Kits can include one or more products from the product catalog.

1.13.5 Structure products into categories and subcategories

1.14 Shipping Management

1.14.1 Manage shipment methods

1.14.2 Manage pending shipments

1.14.3 Print invoices and packing slips

1.14.4 Print shipping labels

Shipping label must be customizable and fulfill international shipping label standards.

2. Distributor

2.1 Signup page for new users/distributors

User can sign up as a new user
User selects username (that also will be his subdomain for his webpage)
i.e. john will get and

2.2 Content Management

Ability to customize content on the distributors homepage.

2.3 Custom Pages Management

2.3.1 (including customized navigation menu)

2.4 Page Modules management

2.4.1 (including Module Content Management)

2.4.2 Ability to add/change photo

2.4.3 Add/edit news

2.4.4 Add/edit blog

2.4.5 Add/edit contact information (name, email, phone, etc.)

2.4.6 Shopping module: Add/edit/remove products from main product catalog. User can choose what to display (if not mandatory from Admin site). Description can be edited for language purposes but price is from admin.

2.5 Application and Site Usage Analysis

2.6 Business activity analysis

Sales during a certain period.
Invoices, customer count, etc.

2.7 Comparison to other distributors (i.e. monthly sales)

2.8 Virtual Office

2.8.1 Manage personal profile

2.8.2 Manage own customers

View/manage their registration
Link to their site

2.8.3 Manage AutoShip

The ability to sign up customers and or others to autoship

2.8.4 View their genealogy and business activity statistics Graphic tree view of downline custom tree depth for graphic view

2.8.5 Go shopping

2.9 Customer Management

2.9.1 View customer information and order history

2.9.2 Search/Add/Edit/Activate/Inactivate and Delete customers

2.9.3 Manage customers personal orders

2.9.4 Customer AutoShip Management

2.9.5 Manage trouble tickets and wish list with customer

2.9.6 Manage notes

2.10 Billing Management

2.10.1 Manage promotion and affiliate codes

Distributor can create an URL that will lead the user to a sign-up page that signs him under the distributor. That user will then be under that distributor in the tree.

2.10.2 Correct order

2.10.3 View payment history

2.10.4 Cancel subscription

2.11 Shopping Management

2.11.1 Working with Products Catalogue: Reading info about the product Searching for a product Adding product to the shopping cart

2.11.2 Managing the Shopping Cart: Set quantity Add affiliate and promotion codes Recalculate price Delete items from the shopping cart

2.12 View Shopping History

3. Customer

3.1 Registered customers can take advantage of the following:

3.1.1 Choose preferred language

3.1.2 Browse news and other content

3.1.3 Browse info on promo actions

3.1.4 Communicate with your distributor

3.1.5 Go shopping

3.2 Billing Management

3.2.1 Manage promotion and affiliate codes

3.2.2 Correct order

3.2.3 Make payment by order

3.2.4 View payment history

3.2.5 Cancel subscription

3.3 Catalogue

3.3.1 Read info about the product

3.3.2 Search for a product

3.3.3 Add product to the shopping cart

3.3.4 Checkout

3.4 Managing the Shopping Cart

3.4.1 Set quantity

3.4.2 Add affiliate and promotion codes

3.4.3 Recalculate price

3.4.4 Delete items from the basket

3.4.5 Viewing shopping history

3.5 Performing Payments

3.5.1 Choosing delivery method

3.5.2 Entering billing info

3.5.3 Setting up AutoShip

System must be programmed in PHP and on MySQL database but can offer javascript/AJAX functionality in GUI as well. Programming time and system setup on a standard cpanel environment should be included in offer.

Extended programming price (pr. hour) rate (after system handover) should also be included.

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