Screen Scraping & WordPress

Screen Scraping & WordPress
This will be a multi-phase project. So I am looking for someone that I could work with for several projects. This first project is the simplest and will be a good test.

The following is a very high level overview of the project. I have very specific program specifications, that I can give to you once the project begins:

1) I need a program that designed & developed that will run each night automatically or can be ran manually if need be.

2) The program will scrape job information from,, or and then update an existing WordPress Database. It is the programmers responsibility, to learn enough about WordPress to ensure that all the correct tables within Worpress get updated (Each job posting will become a WordPress Post, in DRAFT MODE).

3) In addition to updating the WordPress Database, one additional table will need to be created in the WordPress MySQL Database. The table will contain job information, like, Job Title, Salary, Location, etc.. This table will also be updated with the Job Posts that are scraped.

That is it. Nothing too tough, should be quick and painless. This phase of the project can be written in any language you prefer. I have no preference.

Here are my requirements for a programmer:
1) Must give me a daily update. I have been programming for 20 years and I am too busy to do the work, but I want to be kept informed of the daily progress. (I am here to help, if need be).

2) I am looking for someone that does what they say they will do. I would rather be told something I don’t want to hear, than to be told good things and then they don’t happen.

3) I need a good communicator.

4) I need someone that is patient.

5) I need someone that understands that sometimes, requirements change. As a programmer, it is a pain when things change, but sometimes they do.

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