Mail Server

Mail Server
We have a dedicated UBUNTU server as mass email server, with POSTFIX. We have 25 IP’s on this server and we need to set up 25 SMTP accounts, each with sub domain and a private IP. SMTP should only listen to our web server IP.
Following tasks should be done:
Create FTP access for the primary domain name
Add all the domain names to the server
Create MX record for each sub domain/IP
Add a postfix instance that binds to every IP address
Postfix configuration (Add the postfix configuration to all postfix instances)
Add SPF records domain keys for every sub domain name
Create an html accessible page on the server in which a chart or table lists the IP address, the corresponding domain name and the corresponding postfix instance name.
Create a page interface (admin panel) that shows on time statistics and info from the postfix log file for all instances: number of email injected to the queue and the corresponding send, deferred and timed out. EXAMPLE: emails injected 100. SENT 80 deferred 15 timed out 5

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