Edits To A Facebook Style Webs

Edits To A Facebook Style Webs
I have got someone do design a facebook style website. The site is finished I need someone to test it, redesign it and add signup partners.
I need for visitors when they sign up to my website to have teh option of signing up to partner websites. Once they sign up to my website, their detaisl will automatically sign up to the partners website.
Someone has suggested the following methods, I need someone in UK or Americal who speaks fluent english to take up this job.

1. Speak to your partner companies and see if their developers can create a table for you on their db that you can write to. That way, using PHP (or any other authoring language), you can create a form that not only writes the information to your DB, but also to their DB at the same time.

2. Create an RSS from your information in your user table. Release this RSS to your partner companies, as they would be able to get their developers to write a script that would automatically take new entries from the RSS feed and input into their DB.

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