Gift Voucher Engine

Gift Voucher Engine
Web-based PHP engine that manipulates a mysql table file via forms.

NAME: Clients
COLUMNS: ID, companyName, firstName, lastName, username, password, bannerID, address, phoneNumber, contactEmail, availableCredit, usedCredit

NAME: Vouchers (see vouchers jpg attached for details)
COLUMNS: ID, clientID(associated with ID in clientTable), uniqueCode, dollarAmount, employeeID, status, creditLeft, sentYN

NAME: Employees
COLUMNS: ID, username, password(see employee jpg attached for all columns and formatting)

The following functionality must be provided:
1. Log into portal using client username and password. Display banner with listing of vouchers purchased.
2. Button and functionality to add sum to total credit (do not give ability to remove credit)
3. Button and functionality to add gift voucher. This should be done at the table view as in the voucher view screenshot. A few notes on this:
—- Button to re/generate random code for voucher
—- Choose whether the item has been shipped aka assign shipping status (select box)
—- Assign voucher to person from a predefined employee table in the database (select box)
– Provide way to view vouchers for particular client and sort according to all fields as seen in jpg
– Delete UN-SHIPPED AND UN-USED voucher
– Mimic design in screen-shots as much as possible

– Include mysql script to create initial empty tables.
– All source code is to be submitted via zip file.
– Code functionality must be loosely documented.

Deadline is Monday February 15th, 900h CST. Payment will be made on Monday provided all requirements have been met.

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