Retail Website Design

Retail Website Design
Job specification is subject to change

1. Customers must login before they start shopping. They must register to browse and shop clothings and brand product on the website. Registeration details before customers start browsing products are First Name, email address, Password and confirm Password.

An option to retrieve your password if you have forgotten. This option allows you to enter your email address you registered with and click submit and an email with your password will be sent to your registered address. The message should read the following

Dear Customer,

You have requested that we email your password to email address.

Your password is:xxxxxxxxx

Click here to return to domain name

Company Customer Care

The “here” and “domain name” should be hyperlinks that redirects you back to domain name from your email message.

2. Customers should have a personal area where payment details, addresses can be stored with a list of past orders. They should also be able to see the update on there current orders, past orders and deliveries.

3. The website must have an admin area where you can see customer details and orders. Also update customer orders.

4. The website must have a content management system where I can dynamically update the content of the website and all other areas of the website such as customer details, orders and payment details.

5. The website must take the best of both Asos and drjays. The website must have a space for a video on the left side of the web page.

The first draft and subsequent draft of the website would be investigated and modified as appropriate.

6. When customers register on the website it must be hooked onto the auto-responder system to send an automated welcome message. The same also goes for when a sale is made on the website. A thank you message about the order is sent to the customer when an order is successfully processed.

7. Customer details must be stored in the database. When customers want to checkout after selecting items to buy, the following details must be taken and stored in the database for the CUSTOMER. i.e First Name, Last Name, Telephone daytime, Mobile, Country, Address1, Address2, City, Postcode / P.O Box

First Name, Last Name (Both fields are compulsory and the First Name field must be automatically filled in because they are logged in and it is one of the requirements to register on the website. See item 1)

Telephone daytime ( Compulsory field)

Country, Address1, and City ( Compulsory field)


A page where payment details are implemented and taken especially local debit and credit card, TPN and paypal and direct bank deposit. An option should exist to store payment details in the database. This option would come in form of a checkbox tick that states “Store these details for future use.

Must be able to search customer details.

8. Picture details of clothing, shoes, etc including sizes and measurement must also be stored on the database. Also must be able to add more details of measurement.

9. Currency and pricing details must be changeable in the database where it is stored and reflected on the website accordingly. Also ability to remove products from the database should be available. Currency converter implemented. Also integrate shipping calculator to the website and orders(I will provide shipping calculator to use with the website)

10. The navigation on the website should be as follows. Browse by BRAND then MEN or WOMEN, BOY or GIRL then different categories of clothes i.e shirts, trousers, jeans, blouse, shoes, sunglasses etc. Or Just implement as it is used on drjays

11. Website scrapping capabilities. Must be able to scrap from other website

12. Site should be coded in PHP.

13. The use of paypal, TPN and GTB Web pay and also direct bank payment. TPN and GTB webpay are Nigerian payment engine which must be utilised and implemented on the website (These modules might come at different times, so you will be required to implement when available)

14. Thank you page must be professional and personal to the customer with details of ordered products sent in the confirmation email.

15. Website must load really fast so your code must be efficient and effective.

16. Secure Payment sign on the site verisign. You must be able to implement/integrate this. This is needed since I’ll be saving customer information in the database as well. As used on bluefly, overstock

17. Product information could be retrieved/updated/saved using the SKU

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