Login Page ( 3

Login Page ( 3
I need a working template login page

The page will require multiply backgrounds from a source folder
the backgrounds will be a specific size and the reset of the
background will be black to reduce glare and eye strain

There also shall be a designated location for the company logo

everytime a user goes to the link to log in – the php code
will randomly pick a background from the source folder

there will be a user name and password box working template
without database coding, this is simply a basic graphic job

the login page must adjust to each users interface per there browser
the login page must be able to work with ie7, ie8, firefox, safari, chrome and other popular web browsers

this job must have a working host to verify this template works

code desired is ajax, php, javascript, other code should be discussed before creating

there are example login pages attached to this project bid that i have found using google search, they are just examples, but I do enjoy the fedora login
most but not exact

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