Flash Project With 10 Template

Flash Project With 10 Template
Hi, First all my company (www.Savvytech.com.my) wants to engage a long term partner.
He/She must have dedication, hardworking, attentive to my request.

A person who is online most of the time on SKYPE.

This project is fairly simple. 1 Back end with 10 templates.
It has to be in FLASH (i want to see good designer) <– If you don’t have
– Newsletter
– Results
– Members Page
– Integration Paypal
– Voucher
– Google Ad-sense
– Banner
– etc etc like (terms & condition , disclaimer)
– Affiliate

I also want one simple cms (Add page)

This are simple things as developers we have the script. I need someone to patch this together.

Someone can respond to me. If u see my past projects. I’ve cancel more than I completed. 5 failures to 1 success. That’s because there are many liars, procrastinators and I cannot work long term with.

Only a handful of guys.

IF you want PROJECT from me forever , u gotta prove to me with this one.

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