Facebook E-commerce Tab / App

Facebook E-commerce Tab / App
We seek to develop a ‘tab’ on our Facebook fan page that acts as an online store.

The visual design & page layout is complete.

We have over 300,000 legitimate fans on our fan page so the developer who chooses this project will also have a sure fire success in their portfolio.

Anticipated skills required:
Facebook app development / integration.
Facebook viral tools (app based wall posts, notifications etc)
E-Commerce / Shopping Cart experience.
Database design & development.
Image Presentation (Coverflow style image slider development)

Our company began work with another developer and are dissatisfied with their performance.

We seek a team who are FAST, ENTHUSIASTIC and have a strong ATTENTION TO DETAIL . Strong communication skills and the ability to manage timelines is essential.

The page layout & design for the store is already complete. (see attached files) We require a team to develop the code, integrate it with Facebook and optimize it for speedy display in low bandwidth environments. We are based in Bali Indonesia.

Please note that the product display is presented in the form of a ‘slider’ or to use Apple’s terminology, a Coverflow. This design element is essential and we require it to be developed by you.

Swift execution is of high interest.

We also require a ‘Pre-Launch’ page that explains to fans that our Facebook store is coming soon and invites them to join a guest list. This will be live during the stores development to build a strong pre launch user base.

Fans that ‘register’ for the guest list (and allow permissions) are rewarded with 50,000 ‘credits’ and an additional 20,000 credits for every friend they invite who also registers.

The invited friend also receives 50,000 ‘credits’ for registering, as well as a bonus 20,000 for accepting their friends invitation. This means that if one person registers and invites another (and that person then registers), both will have a balance of 70,000 credits.

And so on.

These credits can then reduce the value of any purchase in the store by 25%. It is essential that those who have registered will not need to re-register for the store to recognise their credit balance.

The Pre-Launch pages are already visually designed however are in Indonesian so I have attached an english summary of the copy to help understand the essence of the promotion. Please note, the countdown timer is NOT required and is an older design feature.

Final design elements for both the Pre-Launch & the Store will be provided in PSD format to the selected developer.

Replies of ‘can be done’ will be ignored. Please provide an insight as to why you or your team have the specific skills, with examples of each, to deliver on time and in budget.

Please break the quote, at least mentally, in two sections. Stage 1. Pre-Launch & Stage 2. Store.

If a strong working relationship can be developed, significant future development will be required including integration of a viral points based loyalty rewards program, CMS development / integration, push – pull data retrieval, as well as duplication for numerous other stores.

Please contact me with questions.

Pre-Launch Wireframe
Presents the complete pre-launch visual page layout.
Pre-Launch Summary
Explains the nature of the promotion in english.
Shop Wireframe
Presents the complete Shop visual page layout.
Shop admin information flow
Explains how we need information to flow and be accessed.
Shipping location & price spreadsheet
Will need to be used to create ‘District’ and ‘City’ drop down selectors during checkout.
Admin item upload
Explains simply additional administration features we will require to upload images.

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