Php Experts For Wp Link Script

Php Experts For Wp Link Script
I know this is not something you do in 10 minutes. I need a PHP expert or a company with qualified people for this.

I need a WP plugin that will act as a link directory script sort of like Reciprocal Manager, IndexU, Gossamer Links (previously Links SQL), etc. This should be built as a WordPress plugin but it should be possible to always upgrade WordPress to the latest version. When upgrading the plugins still have to work. It should use the default WP user registration system.

I need Users and User registration but it should use the default already in WP. Users can add links, view links belonging to that user, edit links and remove links. Users can also add other stuff (scripts, news, products, etc.) but this is for later. Links are added into a queue first and have to be approved before showing up in the directory.

It should be possible to add a link (free of charge) and to select Express Inclusion (payable, sort of like Yahoo). It should be possible to select to make a link a Sponsored Listing (optional). I also require the necessary Email notifications. If you want to edit a link, you have to send a confirmation by email to validate the request. There will be more services which we will try to sell such as Extra Large Listing, Listing of the Week, etc.). The idea is to make money here!

I also need Editors. The entire idea of the link directory should be based on editors. An editor is someone who can register, approve, deny, and delete links. A user can add, edit, view and delete only his own links. An editor can add, edit, view and delete links belonging to other users. But editors can do much more. An editor will have to approve or deny links that were submitted by the users. Editors will get paid for approving or denying links.

I need logging so that an admin or an editor can see what happened to a link and when. There should be some kind of dispute resolution: when a link owner submits a site and it is not approved fast enough, or it is not approved at all, or it is approved but in a wrong category, or the description is wrong, etc. It should be possible for a link owner to start a dispute case but he has to pay for it.

I need some stats like check how many links per day, month and year an editor has approved. An editor will get paid for approving or denying links. There has to be an easy and uniform way to check what editors did and pay them. I need some kind of time tracking to check productivity: how long it takes to approve 1 link?

I need a simple Affiliates system so that a user or an editor can just link to my site or to a category and if someone signs up they will earn money when someone buys (e.g. Express Inclusion, Sponsored Listing, etc.).

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