Website/shopping Cart 2

Website/shopping Cart 2
I am looking for someone to build a website for me. This website will be in the form of a shopping cart. I said website because I want to have a feeling of a website to it and not only a stand alone shopping cart. I will need you to design a logo also. I will be using this for a drop shipping business.

Things I will need for this project:
-Paypal Intergration
-Admin Panel
-User Friendly
-Clean and Simple Design
-Shopping Cart

Things I ask from you:
-English (a must as I do not speak other languages)
-Good Communication
-Quick Reply
-Follow Up (30 days support if necessary included)

I would prefer to use something you already have, no exceptions. So, if you already have what I am looking for please send me your samples so I can see before you bid.

Please DO NOT BID before sending me samples. I will delete it and will not response. Please do not bid over the price I ask. I will not look at it if the bid is higher than what I ask. This should be easy as you already have it.

No I will not pay or escrow first. I have had many bad experience before, so NO EXCEPTION. I will escrow and transfer funds once the project is agree on.

Thank you for your interest.

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