Code Igniter Webiste

Code Igniter Webiste
i would like to have a live streaming website


All modules are interconnected with each other and intensive e commerce viewable on Window IE and Mozilla and Macintosh Detailed document for each module and jpgs of page layouts will be shared with the provider choosen

Provider is required to set up a streaming server on buyers website using RED5 and FFMPEG for encoding video files for dynamic delivery creating 5 flv files for different internet connection Provider must have Code Igniter RED5 and FFMPEG experience Websites given as reference will be verified

1 Membership has 4 levels 3 paid 1 free There are payment calculations member fee upgrade or downgrade there are reward points for various activities limitations to features depending on memberlevel recurring billing for member fees Payment gateway is authorize dot net Members can create groups do mass mailing and much more

2 Ondemand an interface has been built for approved members to upload 700M 1point5GB movie video files These files need to be encoded for dynamic delivery 5 formats which is automatically selected dependent on visitor s internet connection HD quality Member can pay for a movie with reward points gift certificates etc Admin payment to producers need to be setup as well as producer payment to buyer Reporting of content payment viewing statistics needs to be setup

3 Live Broadcasting save streaming content every 5 minutes so all of broadcast is not lost should there be interruption in connection These saved live broadcasts in turn become on demand offerings for those who missed the live broadcast The streaming files should also be done with dynamic delivery HD quality I need education here as to how the live broadcasting should be so it is efficient Members can schedule pay for public and private broadcast Those who miss the live broadcast can pay and watch the recording

If interested please share websites relevant to this project Thanks for your attention

Happy Bidding

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