Comprehensive Tourism Site 2

Comprehensive Tourism Site 2
We need to solve some problems for our site. These functions already planned but not functioning, such as the function to retrieve the password for registration. Here are the points to be solved:
Important: The site is ready … these points are only correct, are thus to be understood as making
If the programmer speaks the Italian language is appreciated but not necessary thing

1. Most of the email that the portal sends all come in the recipient’s spam folder
2. The site is present in 3 languages, but some parts are not yet translated. You should be able to translate all parts of the site in 3 languages
3. Be made a small change to the booking system. Currently, when the structure receives a reservation request by the customer are hidden fields email, phone number, and some others, and we would like them to be visible. This system was designed when the portal was to have a commission on the reservation and thus avoid the two sides could agree directly.
4. The main photo of the structure should not be random. There already exists a way to choose the main photo but this is changed as if it were random.
5. All text editor admin panel must be arranged, do not save correctly texts
6. The Policity or conditions must be in 3 languages
7. The format of the calendar must be in Italian and American
8. In the panel “request availability” the SEND button does not work if not click the box in the mail example
9. Users who register as a structure must be able to add 1 single structure.
10. Admin panel (customer) does not add Last Minutes
11. Admin panel (customer) does not work the counter “MANAGEMENT RESERVATIONS”
12. Admin panel (customer) on Search Book you see all the reservations, even those of the other structures
13. When the client receives the response of a structure and click on the link to join the panel, the address on page “yourbooking” in English even though his language should be such as Italian
14. Forgot your password does not work (Recover password)
15. When a person registers as a structure that receives the email must be present username and password you used to register
16. The reservation system verified to be amended: once the structure meets the availability, all data should be visible and will confirm the customer directly to the structure. Be eliminated so the confirmation by payment (see paragraph 4)
17. index the site for search engine google

Important: The site is ready … these points are only correct, are thus to be understood as making

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