WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin
I am looking for someone to write a shopping cart plugin for wordpress that functions like the cart at the following link. It does not need to have the cropping feature, but all other features and quality of design should be present. http://bit.ly/cgQOa9

It should be a plugin that can be added to any wordpress blog that is running with the PhotoQ plugin installed. Anyone using PhotoQ should be able to use the new plugin to sell their images via paypal.

The plugin settings section should allow the user to enter their paypal email address along with desired currency. It will then allow the user to set as many print options they like. For example:

Size Finish | Print Price | Quantity | Total Cost
4×6 Glossy Print $x.xx – 0 + $x.xx
6×8 Glossy Print $x.xx – 0 + $x.xx

(Add Another Option)

Then, when you use the PhotoQ to upload images there will be a set of check boxes to apply the print option to the images. It should also let you click on options as defaults for an entire batch when using the batch mode for uploading. The images are also listed in WordPress as posts and the prices that exist should be editable in the Post-Edit mode… almost like adding new categories in a check box format.

The default setting, should the user not want to sell that image, should output: “This Print Is Not Currently Available”. I will provide all of the plugins and template that I use on my site and a developer area if needed. The template should be coded to work with the new plugin when it is installed and activated. If the plugin is not active, the template should continue to function perfectly as well. This is to be accomplished by some sort of (If function present…code.)

When they are done shoppnig, they can click a “Check Out” button and they will be taken through the cart process like the demo site. They will add their address shiiping info etc before being taken to the paypal interface which will list the images they selected. The paypal interface will show the imageID along with Title and Print option. They will enter their credit card info at the Paypal interface. This information will be sent to the plugin user, who is the seller, so they know which items were ordered and can send the visitor their order.

I have tried to include a lot of detail to make the project clear.

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