Website With Members Area

Website With Members Area
We are looking for a website that contains the main site a blog and members area.

1. The main website should be more of a cms as we are going to have many pages so we will require something that will will make creating dynamic sites simple. A cms like joomla would be acceptable. The main section should include a contact page.

2. We will need a blog that is integrated into this, so that users can easily navigate to the blog and read the posts and such something like word-press would be acceptable.

3. We need a members area that is customizable for each member. So if we want to leave a member a message or allow them access to code snippets then we can. We should be able to control each membership account independently.
The members area should also allow for general dynamic pages for faq and support.

4. We will need to be able able to issue issue seals to different members based on our criteria. When a seal on their site is clicked a pop-up should show, not send them to our site. The pop-up should be easily customizable for each member as we see fit. The popup should also work if java is disabled in a browser.

5. We will need a shopping cart added to the main site for purchasing of seals.

6. We will need a custom template that brings all of the above together. The template should be attractive, professional and easy to navigate and understand.

When all is done it should be quick with no hanging or system resource problems.

All of the things listed above should be integrated into one control panel and work smoothly together. The idea is to make operating the site simple and as pain free as possible.

Most of this project will be integrating one open-source script with another so the work should be fairly simple. The hardest parts will be the members area and the seals. But you may feel free to use scripts you know will work for this.

You can find examples of the kind of work we are looking for below.

Reference sites:

For more information please feel free to contact us with specific questions.

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