Aggregator Or Manual Posting

Aggregator Or Manual Posting
We need listings on our clsassifieds site. We require either a script, a cron job, (or a person to post manually) to search for listings on other sites based on a keyword and then aggregate those listings on our website.

This will be slow and consistent to give the appearance of generic growth. You or your script will create one or two or three ads per day for 30 days. (30 ads minimum, 90 ads maximum) If your work is quality, this will be ongoing work that will grow in scope and intensity.

Perform a search based on keyword and other criteria and find something that is for sale or wanted.
Store the item description and at least one image of the actual item.
Rename the image to be search friendly using dashes between the descriptive words of the image name.
At our site you will create one to three listings each day over a 30 day period using a simple process.

1.) Search various clsassifieds site, or other site, and find a listing for “soler panel” for example.
2.) The item that you post for sale must have an actual email address by which the seller can be contacted. A relayed email address such as is not acceptable. Upon creation of the ad at our site an email will go out automatically to the seller.
3.) You must be consistent. I do NOT want more than two days to lapse between ad postings. I don’t want 13 ads on one day and then zero ads for the next several days and then 20 ads the last day.
4.) We will verify each item that you post that:
a) it is really an item for sale.
b) the description, price (if there is a price), and location are correct.
c) the email address that you have used to post the item actually belongs to the seller.
d) the ad that you have created contains an actual photo of the actual item that is for sale and not some generic image that you found at photobucket or picasa.
e) there must be a known location where the item for sale is and that must be posted into the ad so that the potential buyer knows where the good is located.
5.) Payment will be at the end of the 30 day period, after 30+ verified ads placed. Payment may be placed in escrow at your request.

I will provide you with some possible keywords and the url of our site via PM so that you can see the posting process.

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