Group Web Site Development

Group Web Site Development
I am looking for an established web developer that can handle .php, oscommerce, html,(web site) graphics.

It is a REQUIREMENT that you be able to coordinate development. Meaning that while its ok to make a working copy, you must identify which files you are modifying and communicate that BEFORE modifying them, so that myself and other team members are not changing the same files. You must track which files you have changed with an actual development tool of your choice, and ONLY UPLOAD changed files, so that other uploaded work is not lost and the changed files can be identified by file date if need be.

This seems to ba a makor stumbling block for many of the free lancers I have dealt with. No matter what they say they will do, ultimately they upload the whole web site after doing some work, clobbering other work and any hope of identifying which files have changed. osCommerce has many hundreds of files, some of which need customizing for the many web sites i develop and maintin.
Nuff said.

For purpose of this contract, please bid 40 hours of work.

I expect to hire 2 or 3 bidders to work on separate sites.
The specifics will vary depending on the site, but the task will
be to diagnose problems or identify where work in progress is incomplete, and demonstrate a significant improvement in the site functionality. Work must be completed within TWO WEEKS of bid acceptance. If you are too busy now to commit 20 hours a week for two weeks, please dont bid.

I’m trying to identify one freelance programmer/company that
i can reliably count on to make progress largely independently
given specs. Future projects will be ongoing work in the web sites i have under development, as well as new web sites.

Summary requirements:
You must already have a software tool to enable you to track which files you change, communicate that list of files, and upload
only changed files. IN YOUR BID, tell me what tool you use.
If you don’t list your file tracking methodology your bid will not be answered or considered.

You must have a tool to generate file difference listings for review.

You must be able to answer email within 1 working day during projects.

You must be proficient with PHP, osCommerce, and ability to customize osCommerce as needed, including things like the product catalog, SQL database, forms and form processing, such as credit card forms.

You must be able to commit to delivering 40 hours in two weeks or less.

You must ALREADY have good multiple good ratings from other projects.
Full fee placed in escrow. Project must be completed,
meaning significant advance made, reviewed, uploaded,
and tested, before release of funds.

Claiming 40 hours of work with nothing to show for it will
not result in payment release. Apologies to the 99% of honest
hard working freelancers out there, i have run into that before.
Again, my goal is to find someone i can work with on an ongoing basis. Someone who performs well in the 40 hour project will
have the option of a continuing work relationship. I do not
want to go out for bids every week.


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