Need to add a user auth to my website.

each user logged in would see an accounting report of credits and debits.

admin area for posting debits and credits to salesreps.

user area for reporting income per account per month and debits per account per month.

admin area for adding accounts per rep, accounts are ongoing so an admin button for a quit account would be needed.

user area for reporting the accounts they sold plus their income earned per account displayed various ways such as monthly, total and bonus or residual income.

admin area for new account status as it goes through the application process, admin would update its status to relay it to the salesperson user such as in underwriting, or need more documents (and list which ones are still needed) displaying a different icon depending on its status.

Nice layout, professional and not dated. Smooth user interface would be required.

admin area doesnt need the polished look but easily navigated.

more information: I pay residuals per account as long as the account stays with us, I also pay a bonus for selling the account. This monthly information needs to be inputted and sent to the salesrep to display when the log in. If an account quits then the bonus money gets paid back if it is with in 12 months. When an account is sold I want the user to be able to log in and see its status since it can take up to 7 days to start the account. The account goes through several different stages before it is approved. They need to see what else is needed to complete the account such as paperwork to submit or a corrected application. I would also like them to be able to get all the forms needed.

I want a new user training section when I can provide a generic password and they can log in and be trained and get all the paper work they need to get started working for me.

any questions please feel free to ask.

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