Quotes/business Facts Databse

Quotes/business Facts Databse
Need programmer to add quotations (“To Be or Not to Be”) and business fact (“US GDP fell 2.4% in 2009, the biggest annual drop since 1946”) database to my website.

I need well laid out pages for browsing, viewing, and managing each of these relatively simple databases. I will assist with the debugging (running test cases) and help with tuning the style of the pages to match the website.

The ideal consultant will have experience building such database scripts (I realize these are relatively simple) with a clean UI style for browsing, reporting, and managing database entries/categories. Tricky part will be deciding upon how to implement hierarchical categories and insuring authors are not dublicated with similar spellings (W. Churchill is the sames as Winston Churchill). I also need consultant with sufficient experience to anticipate the DB Admin tools that will be required to maintain in the future.

Person will be responsible for writing well documented scripts/code so the project can be supported. Asking that the person reserve 5 hours of post project delivery support in the event that minor issues pop-up.

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