A Test Model Proj For Students

A Test Model Proj For Students
I have need to a simple database that organize some data;
the data have several variables and time and place dimensions.
the database should allows users to extract subsets of data according to selected variables (e..g. variable 1, variable 2 etc.)
according to time range (e.g. from 1990 to 2008), & according to selected places (e.g. city 1, city 2 , etc).

The database will allow displaying the results as a web page and exporting the results of a query to a selected format (e.g. Microsoft Excel file)

There are two key factors integrated into the webpage :
variable definitions (i.e. the metadata) shall be displayed in a box When the user movers the mouse pointer on a variable in the result of a query.
some calculations of averages for some variable over time interval (e.g. average from 1990-2000 etc. ) and over places (e.g. average value of three or four cities) etc..
(basic skills in mathematical functions is important)

More requirements:

* The admin must be able to add and delete, and update variables, places and years etc.
* The admin must be able to make security constraints such as allow and disallow displaying the results of query from the database (e..g. user should provide password to download a file)
* This not the final product its just used as a test model project for students.
* the webpage will have some graphics and map that links each location to a page such that
when the user move the mouse pointer on the name of the location, it is highlighted on the map immediately..
(basic skills in maps and mapping is important)

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