Bulk Upload To Sql From Home

Bulk Upload To Sql From Home
I am able to edit the existing location data on my current website using the phpMyAdmin panel with the changes showing up on the Google map on my website. I do not know how to add new locations directly to the sql and make them show up on the map. The only way I can currently make new locations on my Google map is by logging onto the website as a regular user and using the user interface and picture uploader to create a “location” on the map

I would like to be able to add data to a table on my home computer (heading, title, address, description, picture etc) and upload to my website


The data on the uploaded table should show up on the Google map as new locations green “P” icons

Check the Vancouver, Canada area on my map.


I want to be able to add a large number of parks to my map (around 100) at one time. Those are the green “P” icons.

I have added some screen shots.

I need to be to have this upload ability as soon as possible.

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