Magento Customizations

Magento Customizations
Project is to customize our magento template and store functionality to resemble’s reverse Auction site. Also, ensure the quality of design work is at the level of “Xpress auction” design look and feel. We also have a customization that would include further detail with the choosen and successful developer for our second project.

Xpress Auction defined on Dubli:

All articles are displayed with one starting price that is valid at the outset of an auction. The actual price is concealed until you place a Credit. With each Credit placed, the price decreases, so the actual price is always less than the starting price – often considerably!

As soon as you have registered, you can buy various Credit packages (see above).

When you place a Credit, three things happen:

1. The actual price decreases by 25 cents
2. The current price will be displayed to you
3. You now have the possibility of purchasing the product for the price shown

Don’t hesitate for too long, or someone else may snatch up the item at a more favorable price.

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