Penny Auction Countdown Timer

Penny Auction Countdown Timer
I need a simple but robust countdown timer that is very easy to plug in into a custom site. There should be no lag and the countdown timer should update by ‘n’ seconds anytime someone places a bid. The ‘n’ seconds value should be a variable. I can fetch this value from a database later on. This means the page should auto-refresh every second so all users are looking at the same countdown state.

Payment only upon completion of project and my satisfaction. Please dont respond if you require an upfront partial or complete payment.

My deliverable would be a simple php/jsp webpage that I host on a webserver with a timer and a bid button. The page refreshes every second and the timer should be synchronized. I will be testing the page over several machines simultaneously to see if its working.

This is phase 1 of a larger project and I will be assigning more tasks once this is successfully completed.

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